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Beautiful Design is not Necessarily Good Design. Good Design is Smart.

Smart design means your spending is lower and the time to deliver works is shortened but you achieve better results. It's like a film produced by the best CG can't outperform a film created by camcorders, and it often happens. That means there are always opportunities for small business.

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What Makes Digital Culture a Good Source for Affordable Marketing?

As technology is more accessible to almost everyone, the users themselves produce posts, pictures, photos, videos and events to construct their own culture. The content in all sorts of media channels is enormously decentralized and diversified. The tastes in digital era aren't controlled by big corporates or big agencies. That means a smart idea can have impacts.

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Why Do We Focus on Small Concepts?

People's perception, emotion and cognition aren't always influenced by something big. They're often influenced by something small. For example, childish graphics can also deeply influence adults. That's where our adventure begins.

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